Seasoning Boosters

Seasoning Boosters:

Specific prepared foods and final tastes are garnished with mixtures of aroma ingredients called seasonings.

"Seasonings" if boosted with Rupin's flavors will give more taste and mouth pleasure. Rupins seasoning boosters can be added to seasonings and also to preparations of final food for enhancing tastes of foods and snacks.

Some of the regular products are Pudina, Hing, Schezwan, Chilli Fry, Sour and Salt, Tomato, Garlic Onion, Alu Roasted, Tandoori, Shingada, Curry Powder, Dabeli, various chutneys etc

Manufacturers of safe aroma compounds regulated by JECFA / CODEX.
FSSAI Licence No: 1151100400103