Non-Nutritive Sweetener

SWEET QUEEN  for beverages, soft drinks mixture of permited  and regulated artificial sweetners to match the taste of sugar  in final beverages.10 g is equivalent to 1 kilo Sugar in sweetness.

SUGAR FREE ADDITIVE .. for diet foods like Mithai, Basundi, Biscuits, Sauces etc.... a blend of artificial sweetners permitted under fssai and regulated with usable quantities. Taste of sugar. 10 g is equivalent to 1 kilo Sugar in sweetness.

Suitable for Sugar Free Products.


Sugar consumption must be restricted from childhood to avoid obesity, diabetes, cardiac-ailments. The high world population of diabetics and cardiac ailments can be controlled only with low consumption of sugar from early life.

Manufacturers of safe compounds regulated by JECFA / CODEX.
FSSAI Licence No: 1151100400103